Ways to Give

Pennsylvania Partnerships for Children is a nonprofit organization that neither seeks nor receives any government funding. We rely on the generous donations of individuals, businesses and foundations to advocate on behalf of children.

Make an Online Gift

You may make a secure gift online using your credit card. None of your personal information will be used by this site for any purpose other than to process your gift.  

Write a Check

A simple way to give is to mail a check. Checks should be made payable to "Pennsylvania Partnerships for Children" or, simply, "PPC." They should be mailed to:

Pennsylvania Partnerships for Children
116 Pine Street, Suite 430
Harrisburg, PA 17101

Many individual donors take advantage of tax laws by donating near the end of the calendar year. As with all charitable gifts, the tax savings depend on your tax bracket.

Corporate Matching Gifts

PPC receives additional contributions through the organizations and companies where many of you work. These matching gifts can double, and in some cases multiply by five times, the impact of your original support. Check to see if your employer has a matching gift program. 

Matching gift companies will provide you with a form to complete and include with your gift. Then, PPC completes its part of the form and returns it to the company or organization to initiate the matching gift payment.

Gifts of Stock

Low-yielding securities can be a good way to make a meaningful and immediate gift with little or no change to your spendable income. A gift of appreciated stocks can often yield a greater tax savings than a gift of cash.

Make a Corporate Donation

Many business leaders in communities across Pennsylvania see improving the well-being of children as an investment that reaps rewards. Providing a solid foundation for children helps ensure an educated and productive workforce as children become young adults.

Corporate partners contribute a minimum of $1,200 annually to PPC.

Please complete the form and attach a check, made out to "PPC" or "Pennsylvania Partnerships for Children." The check and form can be mailed to Pennsylvania Partnerships for Children at 116 Pine Street, Suite 430, Harrisburg, PA 17101.

Shop Online and Support PPC

Online shoppers can provide additional support to PPC by shopping through igive.com. More than 400 well known stores provide coupons and special deals and return a percentage of your purchase prices to PPC. Shopping though igive.com is free.

Planned Giving

Including PPC in your planned giving offers an opportunity to help Pennsylvania Partnerships for Children meet its financial needs. Generally, planned gifts are made through a bequest in a will; a charitable trust or annuity; or a gift of real estate, personal property (stocks or bonds), or life insurance. Often, a planned gift provides a means for an individual to make a larger gift than originally thought possible. And often, current income and estate taxes can be reduced. Planned gifts can be directed by the donor to PPC's general fund or to the PPC Endowment.

Gifts of Life Insurance

When the original purpose of a life insurance policy no longer exists, donating it to the Pennsylvania Partnerships for Children Endowment can be a sound part of a financial plan. By naming PPC as the owner/beneficiary of a new or existing life insurance policy, the costs of the premiums for such a gift may be deducted from your taxable income.

Gifts through a Will

Including Pennsylvania Partnerships for Children in your will can be a convenient way to leave a legacy. You can avoid capital gains tax, receive a one-time tax deduction, and receive an income from the gift for life. Cash and appreciated assets (like stocks and securities) may be used to fund these trusts.

Gifts through a Charitable Remainder Trust

A gift through a charitable remainder trust has dual benefits. First, the annual income goes to you or your designee for the remainder of your life or theirs. Second, this type of gift yields an income tax deduction in the year of its completion. A charitable lead trust can provide immediate endowment funding. Interest payments are devoted to the endowment for a period of time you choose. When the time has elapsed, the assets return to you or your designee.

PPC Endowment

As donors age, they often see the wisdom in giving to the PPC Endowment as a way to perpetuate their legacy of support to the organization. Wills, life insurance policies, and trusts are among the ways individuals with large or modest estates can make tax-wise, enduring gifts.

The PPC Endowment is the inspiration of Lucy Durr Hackney, PPC founder and longtime board chair. When Mrs. Hackney founded Pennsylvania Partnerships for Children, she dreamed of a prevention-based research and advocacy organization to help at-risk children before it became too late to repair their shattered lives. Under her guidance, that dream has become reality for PPC is respected as a leading advocacy organization for Pennsylvania's children.

PPC's Board of Directors is ensuring that the dream will continue by establishing the Pennsylvania Partnerships for Children Endowment to build a fiscal base for times when grants and contributions do not cover expenses.

Gifts to the PPC Endowment can be made at any time by using any of the customary or planned giving vehicles.


For more information on how you can support Pennsylvania Partnerships for Children, or to discuss how to best maximize your charitable donation, contact Joan Benso at 717-236-5680 or president@papartnerships.org