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Gov. Tom Corbett outlines his 2013-14 budget proposal.

Gov. Corbett's 2013-14 Budget Begins to Make Pennsylvania's Children a Priority

February 5, 2013

PA Partnerships for Children Lauds Investments in Education, Health Care

Pennsylvania Partnerships for Children President and CEO Joan Benso today made the following comments on Gov. Tom Corbett's 2013-14 budget proposal:

"Governor Corbett's spending plan begins to move Pennsylvania in the right direction when it comes to common-sense investments in our children, who are without question Pennsylvania's greatest resource.

"Budgets are ultimately about priorities, and with this budget, the governor rightfully recognizes that Pennsylvania's 2.7 million children must be a priority," Benso said. "He wants to invest more in programs ranging from pre-kindergarten to health coverage to K-12 education that will build our commonwealth's human capital. When it comes to economic development, that's the smartest investment we can make."

Corbett's budget proposal includes:

  • Increases of $4.5 million for Pennsylvania Pre-K Counts and $1.9 million for Head Start Supplemental Assistance, two high-quality early learning programs proven to help young learners, especially at-risk children, build a solid foundation for educational success.
  • Level funding of $100 million for the Accountability Block Grant program, which many school districts use to fund full-day kindergarten.
  • An additional $13.5 million for the state's Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP), including more funding for outreach to enroll 9,300 uninsured children.
  • An additional $7.1 million to reduce the Child Care Works waiting list by about 1,400 children and provide more funding to ensure working families benefitting from child care subsidy have access to the highest quality providers.

Benso also noted the budget includes a $90 million increase in basic education funding, which she termed a meaningful installment toward a larger, long-term investment to close the adequacy gap for public school districts. 

"With the state's revenues improving, it is encouraging to see the governor propose increases – as opposed to cuts - in these critical, cost-effective programs," Benso added.

"When we talk about issues like building a competitive workforce, boosting economic development and ensuring a viable tax base for future needs, those conversations all start with our kids. With this budget, Governor Corbett is telling Pennsylvania's families and taxpayers that if we don't start making smart investments in our children, we have no future."

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Elisa Mcham-delgado
  February 5, 2013 5:23pm

Great job gov Corbett you got my vote,
Barbara Gainer
  February 5, 2013 7:16pm

I think this is incredible, I hope it all comes together to become reality and not just talk. Our children are our future and investing in them is crucial to the well-being of our country. Thank-you so much Governor Corbett and my children thank you too.