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Pennsylvania Partnerships for Children President and CEO Joan Benso today issued the following statement in response to the Wolf administration’s decision to pursue Medicaid expansion as allowed under the federal Affordable Care Act:

“Governor Wolf’s decision to expand Medicaid is great news for Pennsylvania’s children and families. An expansion will help streamline and simplify access to health care coverage for more uninsured adults, many of whom are parents.

“There are an estimated 131,000 uninsured parents in Pennsylvania, and research shows that parents who are insured are more likely to have their children insured. Expanding Medicaid to more adults can help achieve the goal of making sure every documented child in Pennsylvania is insured – a goal that has longstanding, bipartisan support among state lawmakers and many governors over the last two decades.

“When parents who are struggling with their own health care needs don’t get the appropriate treatment they need, it makes them less able to focus their time and attention on raising their children. The elimination of premiums, the restoration of benefits and the streamlining of enrollment processes that Medicaid expansion achieves will help reach our goal of providing affordable, quality health care coverage to every Pennsylvania family.

“We look forward to working with the Wolf administration to make this happen as quickly as possible. It’s good for kids and good for the commonwealth.”

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