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Pennsylvania Partnerships for Children President and CEO Joan Benso today made the following statement in response to the issuance of the Basic Education Funding Commission’s report:

“Pennsylvania needs a predictable, sustainable way to funds its public schools, and the commission’s report reflects that reality. It’s unacceptable to be one of three states that has no formula for funding basic education, and the commission’s recommendations can provide a solid foundation to enact a formula that is based on the real costs of educating all students.

“Of course, any formula - no matter how comprehensive - is hardly a definitive fix to our school funding problems. Long-term solutions also require an ongoing, unwavering commitment by state leaders to ensure public schools are adequately funded so students and teachers have the resources they need to succeed in the classroom. Adequate funding needs to happen every year, not just once in a while.

“The commission deserves thanks for its thoughtful, diligent work on a very complex issue. Many funding elements addressed in commission’s report were raised by the Campaign for Fair Education Funding, of which PPC is a founding member, and we’re pleased to see they heard our feedback. That said, there are additional funding challenges - such as the existing racial disparities in how we fund schools - that still need to be addressed moving forward.

“We look forward to working with policymakers and other interested parties in building on this work by creating an adequate and equitable system of funding Pennsylvania’s public schools.”

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