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Pennsylvania Partnerships for Children
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Family Stories about the Value of Medicaid and CHIP

Pennsylvania Partnerships for Children (PPC) is a strong, effective and trusted voice to improve the health, education and well-being of children and youth in Pennsylvania. PPC is statewide, independent, non-partisan and non-profit. Our vision is to make Pennsylvania one of the top 10 states to be a child and to raise a child.

Personal stories about how the Medicaid and CHIP programs have helped families and children can be the most effective way to support these programs when changes are being considered in congress or in Harrisburg. To enable us to be able to share these important stories, we are asking you to tell us how having Medicaid or CHIP coverage for your child enables him/her to receive the services that they need.

We will not use you or your child’s full name in the story and your contact information will not be shared in the story or with any outside groups.

We will use the name of the town where you live in the story.

If you'd prefer to mail your story, please mail any completed stories to:

Pennsylvania Partnerships for Children
116 Pine St., Suite 430
Harrisburg PA, 17101
Attention: Carolyn Myers

If you prefer to e-mail the story, please send it to or fax it to 717-236-7745. 

By submitting your story, you are granting PPC permission to use your story in print, on television or radio, or in testimony. Thank you.


  • Which program is/was your child enrolled in?