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Pennsylvania ranks in bottom half of per capita investments in high-quality pre-k
Jan 16, 2018
New PPC Report Finds Spending Impacts Student Performance in Rural Schools
Mar 20, 2017
Pre-K in PA: A Path Forward Report
Dec 14, 2016
Report: Pennsylvania Stagnating in Covering More Uninsured Children
Oct 28, 2015
Pennsylvania Drops in Latest National Rankings for Child Well-Being
Jul 21, 2015
Child Protection Improvements Pose New Challenges for Pennsylvania's Child Welfare System
Mar 31, 2015
As Budget Season Nears, New Data Shows PA Is Shortchanging Young Learners
Feb 17, 2015
More Than 144,000 Pennsylvania Children Remain Uninsured
Sep 16, 2014
New PPC Report Finds High-quality Pre-k Benefits Only 1 in 6 Young Learners
Feb 19, 2014
School Readiness Report Finds PA Must Pick Up Pace of Early Learning Investments
Nov 13, 2013
New PPC Report Finds Slow Progress in Covering Uninsured PA Children
Oct 28, 2013
Pennsylvania's Efforts to Better Address Child Abuse Also Must Preserve What Works to Keep Kids from Harm
Dec 12, 2012
Pennsylvania's Progress in Preparing Young Learners Shows Signs of Slowing
Nov 13, 2012
Pennsylvania Must Act Soon to Ensure Kids, Families Can Benefit from a High-quality Health Care Marketplace
Oct 11, 2012
New Statewide Report Finds Troubling Gaps in Health Care for Pennsylvania's Children
Sep 12, 2012
Pennsylvania Ranks 14th in Nation for Overall Child Well-Being, But Challenges Remain
Jul 25, 2012
Pennsylvania's Strategy on Foster Care is Working, New Statewide Report Finds
Dec 6, 2011
Early Childhood Supports are Helping Pennsylvania Families in Tough Economy
Oct 4, 2011
PPC releases report: Promising Pathways to Careers
Sep 30, 2011
Kindergartners' success in peril under budget plan
Apr 21, 2011
All-day kindergarten, jeopardized by cuts, garners praise
Apr 21, 2011
Study touts benefits of full-day kindergarten
Apr 20, 2011
More York County children live in poverty
Oct 20, 2010
State report reveals educational struggles for young children
Oct 6, 2010
Study: Half of Erie's region's children are poor
Oct 4, 2010
Budget cuts limit program - kids less prepared for kindergarten
Oct 2, 2010
Kids face hurdles in preparations for school
Oct 1, 2010
More need, less aid for Poconos kids in poverty
Sep 30, 2010
2 of 5 PA children live in low-income homes
Sep 30, 2010
School readiness report shows struggles for kids
Sep 29, 2010
More Full Day Kindergatens Offered in Region
Oct 8, 2009
Early Education Program Growth + Waiting Lists = Mixed Results
Oct 7, 2009
Ronnie Polaneczky: CCP program helped Earleena find direction
Jan 27, 2009
With jobs scarce, more turn to university education
Jan 23, 2009
Report says make college costs more affordable to close knowledge gap
Jan 22, 2009
PA workers don't have skills, education to fill jobs
Jan 22, 2009
75% of future jobs in PA require education beyond high school
Jan 22, 2009
Economic turmoil increases interest in job training
Nov 30, 2008
County dropouts face uncertain future
Nov 10, 2008
Study: Jobs, poverty issues for dropouts
Nov 3, 2008
Dropping out means tough job prospects
Oct 25, 2008
School + diploma = $18K more pay
Oct 24, 2008
Highschool dropouts on fast track to poverty
Oct 24, 2008
County residents who complete high school fare better economically
Oct 24, 2008
Education tied to economic indicators
Oct 23, 2008
PPC releases report spelling out dire economic consequences for students who drop out
Oct 23, 2008
Twice as many high school dropouts unemployed & living in poverty than diploma-holding peers
Oct 23, 2008
Improved PSSA Scores Linked to Investment in Full-Day Kindergarten
Oct 1, 2008