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With Allegheny County and Pa. desperate for more pre-k teachers, Gov. Shapiro’s budget proposal offers some hope

For equivalent experience and credentials, kindergarten teachers and elementary school teachers make double that of a preschool teacher. On top of that, they can earn much more generous health and PTO benefits, said Kari King, president and CEO of Pennsylvania Partnerships for Children. “Historically, there’s always been a lack of investments in the field, especially […]

Pa. seeks to boost kids’ health coverage with Medicaid waiver

“We were pushing the administration pretty heavily starting about this time last year” to apply for a waiver to give kids multi-year Medicaid enrollment,” said Becky Ludwick, vice president for policy at the PA Partnerships for Children. “Pennsylvania is one of about ten states now that have gotten or are seeking this,” Ludwick said, and […]

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