Home Visiting

Home Visiting

Pennsylvania Partnerships for Children is working to ensure that each child in Pennsylvania has the opportunity to grow up in a safe and healthy home environment. When families are successful, our communities are successful.

Evidence-based home visiting provides services that increase parenting skills, bolster nutrition and help ensure a healthy pregnancy for first-time moms, aid young children with literacy and meeting developmental milestones, and much more.

During home visits, nurses and other trained professionals visit with women, families and children as early as the beginning of pregnancy to promote positive birth outcomes and provide parent education and support.

These voluntary sessions play an important role, especially for those new to parenthood. With far too few Pennsylvania families receiving evidence-based home visiting services, we are working to expand its reach through increased funding for the programs and through multiple avenues of referrals, including the recently launched Department of Human Services’ Medicaid home visiting initiative.

In 2018, Pennsylvania Partnerships for Children, in a collaborative effort with stakeholders and home visiting models across the state, founded the Childhood Begins at Home Campaign. The Campaign is designed to help policy makers and the public understand the value of home visiting and support public investments to increase the statewide capacity of evidence-based home visiting models.

Home Visiting Policy Goal

Increase the number of children and families receiving evidence-based home visiting services to strengthen families and meet the comprehensive needs of infants and young children most in need of services.

Home Visiting Publications

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Childhood Begins at Home Campaign

Pennsylvania Partnerships for Children is a governing body member and leads the day-to-day management of Childhood Begins at Home, a statewide campaign to help policymakers and the public understand the value of and support public investments in evidence-based home visiting.

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To learn more, visit: childhoodbeginsathome.org.


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Fast Facts about Home Visiting in PA

  • Only 5% (or approximately 17,000) Pennsylvania low-income families who could benefit the most receive evidence-based home visiting services.
  • There are six evidence-based home visiting models that operate in Pennsylvania and receive state funds:
    • Early Head Start
    • Family Check-Up
    • Healthy Families America
    • Nurse-Family Partnership
    • Parents as Teachers
    • SafeCare Augmented®
  • At least one evidence-based home visiting model operates in each of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties.
  • By shifting to virtual home visits through telephone or video technology, home visitors are working through the COVID-19 pandemic to continue supporting families with young children.
  • In February 2018, MIECHV was reauthorized and funded for five years as part of the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018. It will need to be reauthorized again before September 30, 2022.