Reports and Fact Sheets

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Child Welfare Reports and Fact Sheets

Fact Sheet: Fostering Successful Youth Transitions in Pennsylvania: Laying the Groundwork for Positive Change – January 2019

Fostering Successful Youth Transitions shows how young people fare from foster care to adulthood, as confirmed by recently released data by the Annie E. Casey Foundation.

Report: 2018 State of Child Welfare

PPC annually compiles State of Child Welfare data to gauge the performance of Pennsylvania’s child welfare system in meeting the needs of the children and families the system serves. We gather comprehensive data for each of the 67 counties, including information on foster care placements, children leaving or re-entering foster care and efforts to reunify children with parents or relatives.

Early Learning Reports and Fact Sheets

Local Fact Sheets & Mapping: Availability of High-Quality Pre-k – February 2019

Access to high-quality pre-k is a fundamental building block of our state’s education system. We first created this resource in 2016, as a partner in the Pre-K for PA Campaign, to help all Pennsylvanians learn more about this vital early learning experience in their local area.

Use the map to search by House or Senate district, or by school district or county. After completing your search, you can also print a fact sheet that includes the number of children served, unmet need, the number of high-quality providers and current capacity.

Not sure where your legislative district or school district is? No problem! Use the search functionality on each map to find them.


Pre-K Map

Statewide Pre-K for PA Campaign Poll Results – June 2018

A new poll commissioned by the Pre-K for PA Campaign and conducted by Harper Polling affirms that Pennsylvania voters want policymakers to prioritize and invest in access to pre-k. In fact, 75 percent of likely voters support increasing funding to expand access to high-quality, publicly funded pre-kindergarten.

Health Care Reports and Fact Sheets

Fact Sheet: Medicaid & CHIP Coverage is Essential for PA Kids – January 2019

Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) provide comprehensive health care coverage, including primary and preventative care services, for children living in low-income families and children living in and aging out of foster care.

Report: The State of Children’s Health Care in Pennsylvania – 2018

PPC annually compiles “State of Children’s Health Care” data to track children’s health care in Pennsylvania as it relates to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) and has monitored changes of those health indicators over a baseline year of 2010.

Home Visiting

Home Visiting Resources

Evidence-based home visiting programs recognize parents are children’s first teachers, but sometimes even parents and others raising children need help. Far too many of Pennsylvania’s youngest children are at risk of child abuse and neglect, live in poverty, and experience poor education and health outcomes.

K-12 Education Reports and Fact Sheets

Report: Skilled Workers Needed: Investing in Career and Technical Education – January 2019

Skilled Workers Needed: Investing in Career and Technical Education, released by PPC and the PA Schools Work Campaign, explores the role of career and technical education in supporting Pennsylvania’s economic development.