PPC’s 2023-24 Policy Roadmap

In December 2022, PPC’s Board of Directors approved our robust Policy Roadmap for the 2023-24 legislative term.

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Ensuring each child living in Pennsylvania has the opportunity to reach their full potential means that PPC is committed to policy choices that improve maternal and child well-being, advance racial equity, and support economically disadvantaged families. The roadmap includes data points, policy priorities, and legislative or other significant actions needed to advance priorities across our five policy areas.   


Child Welfare: Ensure each child in Pennsylvania lives in a home where they are safe and protected from abuse and neglect. 
Early Care and Education: Ensure each child in Pennsylvania can participate in affordable and accessible high-quality early care and education, including infant and toddler child care and pre-kindergarten education.
Home Visiting: Ensure each child in Pennsylvania can grow up in a stable and healthy home environment.
K-12 Education: Ensure each child in Pennsylvania has the opportunity for an adequate and equitable high-quality public education.
Perinatal and Child Health: Ensure each birthing person and child in Pennsylvania can access affordable, quality health care. 

Our work to advance equitable policy solutions is critical in our long-term vision because we can’t achieve our goals if any child is left behind. 

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