13th annual State of Child Welfare report

FOX56 – Pennsylvania Partnerships for Children released its 13th annual State of Child Welfare report. This report raises awareness about the holes in the child welfare system and provides recommendations about how to fix them. The report found that the child welfare system is exhausted, making it difficult to adequately respond to the needs of children.

“We see this in the news quite a bit is around labor shortages and the stress on the economy with labor. And Child Welfare certainly isn’t immune to that, I think it’s really important to note that the professionals we have in the child welfare system, I think, are some of the most demanding and stressful jobs that we might have. There, you know, unfortunately, usually low pay. So, recruitment and retention in the field is difficult. But sometimes you’re you know, you’re witnessing some oftentimes traumatic experiences around abuse and neglect. So, it’s we’re finding that it’s difficult to really retain that qualified staff,” said Kari King, PPC president and CEO.

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