KIDS COUNT State of the Child 2017

KIDS COUNT State of the Child 2017

Do you know how your county compares to Pennsylvania counties when it comes to child poverty, health insurance coverage, educational opportunities and other important measures of children’s well-being?

To help you get answers, Pennsylvania Partnerships for Children has created county-based “State of the Child” profiles. These profiles provide a snapshot of each county’s data, alongside statewide data and information on counties with similar demographic profiles. For each county, you can find:

  • Child population and poverty statistics
  • Information on how many children are uninsured, and how many benefit from coverage through Medicaid or Pennsylvania’s Children’s Health Insurance Program
  • Data on how many children benefit from subsidized child care and publicly funded pre-kindergarten programs
  • The number of children in foster care or receiving other child welfare services
  • Academic performance data for school districts, charter schools and cyber charter schools

We also have put together a statewide profile to supplement the county-based profiles.

Select a county profile below:

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