Thousands of Pennsylvanians have lost Medicaid coverage since end of COVID-era rule

Coverage for children has been of particular concern for advocates in the state and nationally, because kids are often eligible for different coverage than their parents. “When you have an adult who … knows they’re not eligible anymore, they’re assuming that their three kids aren’t,” said Carolyn Myers, of advocacy group Pennsylvania Partnerships for Children. The […]

90K Pennsylvanians have lost Medicaid coverage since the end of pandemic-era rule

Since the end of a pandemic-era policy, roughly 20% of Pennsylvanians who had to renew their Medical Assistance coverage have lost it, according to data the state shares with the federal government. Slightly more than half of those people lost the health insurance coverage because they were no longer eligible, likely because their income was too […]

With major Medicaid changes ahead, advocates want to see increased staffing for assistance offices

A group of health advocacy organizations are asking the state to improve staffing at county assistance offices, as well as to make other administrative changes the advocates say will lessen the likelihood of people losing their health coverage once the state starts “unwinding” its pandemic-era Medical Assistance. During the pandemic, individuals who got their health […]

Shapiro admin can do more as rollbacks to food and health benefits loom in Pa., experts say

Hundreds of thousands of Pennsylvanians could lose their health insurance and nearly two million could face more food insecurity in the coming months due to two sweeping rollbacks to pandemic-era federal policies. Health care advocates argue there is at least one concrete step the state can take right now to mitigate coverage losses. One of […]

End of pandemic-era policy presents dilemmas for millions of Pa. Medicaid, CHIP recipients

About 430,000 children who are enrolled in Medicaid are at risk of losing coverage, according to Carolyn Myers, spokesperson for the children’s advocacy organization Pennsylvania Partnerships for Children. They can enroll in CHIP if they lose coverage but run the risk of being lost in the shuffle, she said. “Our concern is that cliff, because, […]