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Fact Sheet: Universal Free Breakfast Helps School-Aged Children Succeed – June 2023

Each day, families struggle with food security and the ability to provide their children with healthy meals that fuel their minds and bodies. Lack of nutrient-rich food impacts child development, overall health outcomes, mental and behavioral health and academic achievement, performance, and participation. Free school breakfast has been one initiative provided to Pennsylvania school-aged children to combat child hunger and ensure students succeed.

Fact Sheet: Investing in CTE Today Ensures a Competitive Workforce Tomorrow – May 2023

Career and technical education (CTE) combines academic, technical and hands-on skill-building that prepares students to immediately enter high-priority occupations or better define career plans, including post-secondary education. Each year thousands of Pennsylvania students will have already earned higher education credits, completed a pre-apprenticeship program or gained on-the-job skills before graduation because of the CTE path they chose in high school. Unfortunately, not all students get to participate in CTE due to the lack of sustained state investments in funding to support programming.

Fact Sheet: What Do Funding Streams Look Like for Career and Technical Education Centers? – February 2023

Career and technical education (CTE) provides a unique combination of academic, technical, and hands-on skill-building that prepares students to either immediately enter the workforce or better define career plans to enter post-secondary education. Funding for CTE is complex, with several streams from federal, state and local funding. Funding sources vary.

Report: Lessons Learned from the German Model: Investing in a Strong CTE System – February 2022

We can learn a great deal from European CTE models, specifically Germany’s system and supporting students and the workforce. Several pieces are adaptable for Pennsylvania’s practices to build a robust CTE system, including improving career exploration and planning by elevating CTE in earlier grades, supporting partnerships between CTE and the business community, and increasing the use of pre-apprenticeship programs. However, we can only be successful with adequate state funding increases for basic education and career and technical education.

Fact Sheet: Career and Technical Education is Essential for our Economy Post-COVID-19 – October 2021

This fact sheet highlights current challenges for career and technical education and why we need increased state investments in our state budget’s basic education funding and CTE subsidy lines: to promote greater access to programming, restore the workforce, and boost our state economy.

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