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Flyer: Signing Up for Health Insurance for Your Baby or Toddler – March 2021

For children to have the healthiest start possible, they need to be insured as early as possible. By age 3, children should have 12 well-child visits, according to the schedule set by the American Academy of Pediatrics. These regular, preventive visits to the doctor or pediatrician are important to track a child’s growth and development, […]

Flyer: Pennsylvania’s Babies and Toddlers More Likely to NOT Have Health Insurance – March 2021

No baby or toddler should go without health insurance, and keeping kids covered is more important than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic. Pennsylvania must do more for our youngest children. Advocates and providers must work together to educate families and the public about their free or low-cost, affordable options for health insurance through Medicaid and […]

Fact Sheet: Toxic Lead: Candidates for PA State Office Must Act to Protect Children – March 2021

Lead is toxic. There is no safe level of lead exposure – even the smallest amount can damage a child’s ability to learn – and children are most at-risk of lead’s toxicity. According to the CDC, children are commonly exposed to lead from hand-to-mouth activities involving contaminated dust and soils around older homes that contain […]