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Fact Sheet: Prenatal and Children’s Nutrition (Women, Infants and Children Program – WIC) – July 2022

Children need access to nutrition for their growing bodies and minds to be healthy and develop as they should. The Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) is a critical component in ensuring infants and toddlers, as well as pregnant and postpartum mothers, have access to healthy nutrition. Participation in the WIC program has declined significantly in recent years, and Thriving is committed to reversing that trend with a series of recommendations. By increasing participation in the WIC program, children and families across Pennsylvania will have more access to the nutritional supports they need to thrive.

Fact Sheet: A Perinatal Health Equity Agenda for Pennsylvania – September 2021

This fact sheet provides a Perinatal Health Equity Agenda that includes steps to take to care for birthing mothers. With over one-third of Pennsylvania’s births paid for by Medicaid1, expanding and enhancing access to high-quality care up to one year after birth is a key strategy for mitigating maternal mortality and morbidity.

Fact Sheet: Health Insurance Matters for Healthy Brain Development in PA Babies and Toddlers – August 2021

This fact sheet highlights an overview on why health insurance matters for healthy brain development in PA babies and toddlers. In the first few years of life, young children need regular access to health care for their healthy development at a time when their brains are growing most rapidly.