High turnover in County Children and Youth Agencies is directly impacting families in the system

Staffing within the child welfare system can have direct impacts on the children and families within it. As counties are seeing high turnover rates and losing experienced caseworkers, they’re quickly trying to onboard new ones. However, sometimes counties will have to bring in a large number of caseworkers with only years, or even months of […]

Adams County reportedly spent over $3 million on child abuse investigations last year, DHS reports

Based on reports from the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services, Adams County CYS has spent more on child abuse investigations and general protective service assessments than other counties of similar size, despite receiving fewer total reports. In the 2022 report from the DHS, Adams County spent $3,187,274 on child abuse investigations and general protective service […]

PA Teens in Foster Care Await Outcome of ‘Permanency’ Bill

More than 5,500 children in foster care in Pennsylvania are age 14 or older, and House Bill 1866 outlines the steps county child-welfare agencies must take to help them make a smooth transition to adulthood with support from caregivers or family members. Kari King, president and CEO of Pennsylvania Partnerships for Children, said it is important to […]

PA Pandemic Toll on Children Shows Progress, Racial Disparity and Recommendations

PUBLIC NEWS SERVICE – The 13th annual Pennsylvania State of Child Welfare report is out. Children advocates said the 2021 pandemic numbers showed some progress and highlighted ongoing areas of concern. One major plus: The number of children and youth placed with family or trusted caregivers was the highest in five years, reaching more than 45%. Rachael […]

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